The Tools You Need To
Live Great

Here Are My Favorite Tools I Use Daily to Consistently Operate at an Elite Level

Redesign your work and life with the right
tools to level up your performance —
while stressing less and sleeping more.

Get a Break From Corporate Stress, Permanently

Optimize your time, energy, and attention
to unlock your sales success.

I get a small commission for purchases made through links on this page. But rest assured, these are all tools I personally use myself and I always practice what I promote.


Sleep better, feel healthier, and boost your daily energy to reach your potential.


Unlock your best self with the most sophisticated wearable on the planet.


Plan a stress-free workday by combining your tasks, emails, and calendars in one place.


Reach peak productivity. This #1 app integrates with Sunsama.


Understand exactly where you are spending your time with this cool tool.

BeFocused Pro

Stay focused so you can get your high value activities done while staying fresh.


Track your personal OS and keep your body and your mind in optimal health.


Create personalized soundscapes for every part of your life.

The Morning Sidekick Journal by Habit Nest

Develop a consistent stellar morning routine with The Full Morning Sidekick Series (Volumes 1 – 4).

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Redesign your life with my roadmap to creating your
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