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The Purposeful Calendar: Turn Your Work As A Seller Into A Fun Game

Brandon Fluharty |

Brandon Fluharty |


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⚡️ Today’s level up ⚡️

Today’s edition deconstructs how to turn work into a fun game using your calendar

Let’s go!

Read time: <3 minutes (Plus a 26-minute breakdown video)


Rethinking the calendar from a source of stress to a place of play

I’ve been working with Himanshu Mahendra, an Enterprise AE at Twilio/Segment for about a year and a half.

We’ve worked on instilling a human-first, seller-second approach to elevate his strategic sales craft. With an engineering background, being a fellow introvert, and a keen focus on developing a more Stoic mindset, he’s been able to completely transform a ubiquitous tool that many of us take for granted – the calendar.

I’ve witnessed his calendar go from being a source of stress to one that gives him masterful control over his days so that he can turn his work into a fun game he gets to play every day.

Two key universal frameworks that up-leveled his calendar

1. DFC

Himanshu blocks his calendar into 3 sections:

Discipline: This is adopting a mindset of an athlete. They know how to prime themselves for intense performance. And after warming up, they apply maximal effort on the most important things.

The same holds true for you as a revenue creator – you need to do the most important task or high-value activity during this time.

When to do it: Start of the day

Flexibility: This is the mindset of an artist, like a comedian or musician on stage that needs to adjust their performance to the crowd. As you progress throughout the day, you need to be more flexible to others’ needs: clients, teammates, family, etc.

When to do it: Middle of the day

Curiosity: This is the mindset of a scientist. At the end of the day, it’s important to reflect back on what went well or didn’t go well using data, not emotion. It’s also the perfect time to prepare for tomorrow like a doctor would get ready for surgery the next morning, and then shut down so nothing is left lingering in their personal time when it’s best to relax and recover.

When to do it: End of the day


PREP is comprised of four key pillars:

Plan tomorrow as the last thing you do today

Rest and recharge your batteries at night

Effort on HVAs during the first part of day

Perform to a standard you set for yourself

Remember: The only scoreboard that matters is the one you keep with yourself.


Here’s how to redesign you calendar into a fun game

Watch it for yourself (these are the highlights for our 75 minute session. To see the full version, join HERE):

See you next week!



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