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How To Strategically Manage A Large Territory

Brandon Fluharty |

Brandon Fluharty |


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⚡️ Today’s level up ⚡️

Throughout your career in sales, you will inevitably inherit a large territory to manage. It can be both a blessing and a curse. Today’s edition breaks down how you can manage a large territory very strategically without getting overwhelmed or chasing small deals.

Let’s go!

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A real-life situation

Two weeks ago, I had a strategy session with Lawrence.

He’s an AE at a new company and is only one month into the role. He inherited the entire EMEA region and has some high-profile accounts on his list, like Spotify and Klarna.

The company’s average deal size is $50K-$100K, but Lawrence wants to pursue larger transformational deals (as he’s done in previous roles).

So, how does he manage his time, energy, and attention effectively?

The game plan

Here’s the GAME PLAN we came up with:

Step 1: Have an open conversation with your manager

This will help establish a transparent relationship early.

You need to clearly understand:

➡ What is the leadership’s expectation of you?

➡ What was discussed upon hire?

➡ How are you incentivized?

Ensure your personal goals align with your expectations as an employee.

Step 2: Think like a CEO vs an Individual Contributor

Treat your territory and account list like it’s your startup.

“Train” your employer to behave like a VC built to support and invest in your growth. That means you need to develop a solid strategy based on the conversations in Step 1.

Create a framework and plan that both sides can commit to over the next 90 days. Then, evaluate and improve the plan at the quarterly business review.

Step 3: Obsess about learning from your MOST innovative customer

Find the account that is pushing your Product team to innovate the roadmap.

Understand why this logo is spending so much with your company. Get clear on who is leading that charge at the brand level.

Create a blueprint around their unique transformation.

Step 4: Develop a distinct POV that’s centered around executive legacy

Allow the blueprint you discovered in Step 3 to guide your approach.

The goal is to transform from selling a product with features (and competing against everyone else in your market) to positioning yourself as a category leader with the right people.

Make it feel like you’re inviting executives into a special VIP club.

By knowing the reasons behind the transformation of your company’s top account, and more importantly, the innovative leaders at the helm, you can build a repeatable blueprint to identify other leaders who aspire to do the same quickly.

Note: The blueprint isn’t about using your company’s products, services, and solutions.

It’s about teaching a company how to operate in a different way (and your tech just happens to come along for the ride).

Step 5: Design your calendar in a purposeful way

I like using the DFC framework:

➡ DISCIPLINED: Start (Most Impactful Tasks)

➡ FLEXIBLE: Middle (Meetings, Follow-up)

➡ CURIOUS: End (Reflect and Plan)

This will allow you to do deep work on the big Diamond Accounts during the Disciplined portion, work the normal steady state business during the Flexible portion, and understand what’s working and not working during the Curious phase.

Repeat daily and these micro-commitments will begin to compound in your favor over time.

Hope this was helpful. See you next week!



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