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How to Simplify Closing Big Deals

Brandon Fluharty |

Brandon Fluharty |

The 3 Parts to Closing a Transformation Deal

Landing big deals does not need to be overly complicated.

In fact, C-Suite leaders need large deals to be simplified.

Here’s a my simple approach to selling transformation deals:

Present cost range and value early in the sales process.

With those factors as an anchor, you both can get straight to discussing the right solution and barriers to moving forward faster.

That sets you down a path for a transformation deal, getting quality collaboration across their team, and gives you the confidence to ask for big dollars out of the gate.

Yes, it’s that simple.

Here’s an example of a (real) three-part conversation:


Part 1: Cost Range And Value

“Generally with companies in your industry, we see a return of 7x over a 36-month investment. So, for every $1 you give us, we will deliver $7 back in that time frame, and results begin to show within the first 100 days.”

This cuts right to what’s on every prospect’s mind, which is “How much does it cost and what can I expect?”

Go there, and go there fast because you’re solving a buying problem not a selling problem in your role of Enterprise and Strategic SaaS sales.

Part 2: Solution And Path Forward

“If you invested $250K, that would yield a return of $1.75M. This is an entry point investment with our company and would limit the scope to a single solution. If you invested $100M, that would yield a return of $700M. This level is where companies like yours focus on fundamentally transforming their operations to become the dominant brand in the industry. Where should we focus our time and effort?”

This shows confidence and you are an expert dealing with transformative deals.

Part 3: Barriers

“The biggest challenge we find with brands at your stage is internal dysfunction for operating in a new way. We have a process for helping your team identify any dysfunction and move fast to transformation. Is this a viable path for us to pursue? If so, I will connect you with a peer of yours from another company who’s already three years down this path so you can have a candid and open conversation directly with them. In parallel, I’ll begin setting up a team of resources to support you.”

This qualifies the prospect early and protects your time. If they want to just “hit a single” and you’re not excited about working with the logo over a long-term horizon, then transfer the opportunity to someone else who has expertise at helping brands hit singles while you continue to practice winning the Home Run Derby.

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